I was lucky to have many inspiring professors. These artifacts and designs are inspiring . Miracles. What an inspiring name. In this regard, Tunisia provides an inspiring example. Such fears are inspiring bold thinking. How about something more inspiring like Utilitarianism! inspiring confidence that his message was true. They are beautiful, inspiring , life-sustaining. It is also an exciting and inspiring one.
This was an inspiring find for glyph, but Medusa had two drawbacks: 这对于Glyph来说是个 冲动民气 的发现,但Medusa有两个缺点:
You must have had some pretty inspiring teachers.
There can be no more inspiring way to begin our discussions. 对开始我们的讨论来说,没有什么其他措施会比这具有更强的 开导力
Thank you, Archbishop, for those inspiring words. I thought the Ali talk was inspiring . As a woman, it's so inspiring . Thomas appears to have been an inspiring teacher. You know what's inspiring ? Barry. The precision with which this object was constructed Is inspiring . Your work as a victims' advocate is inspiring . After an inspiring morning on the Mall,


开导的英文和例句 提示:点击例句中的单词,就可以看到词义讲明

如今 大庆 没 什么 可 鼓励 的 了 。
There is little to inspire in daqing now .
能 鼓动 你 克服 盘算机 病毒 的 奇特 闪 存盘 。
Unique flash drive will inspire you to cure computer viruses .
这 一 发现 大概 给 人类 组织 再生 研究 带来 开导 。
The findings could inspire research into human tissue regeneration .
上述 列表 开导 你 的 意识 , 感觉 到 你 的 友谊 在 流失 吗 ?
Did the list enlighten your sense of loss about your friendship ?
它 愉悦 , 开导 和 变 强盛 的 本领 是 很 有 魔力 的 。
Its ability to enliven , enlighten , and empower is its magic .
我们 读 到 或 听到 的 事件 越 是 让 人 发指 , 我们 越 是 以为 负担 着 开导 民智 的 责任 , 谴责 他们 。
The more horrible the events about which we read and heard , the more certain we became of our responsibility to enlighten and accuse .
上帝 的 爱 会 照亮 你 , 保护 并 鼓励 你 。
It will illuminate , protect , and energize you .
最后 两 个 问题 分析 了 这个 国度 面对 劫难 时 的 缺点 。
Two final problems illuminate the nation 's vulnerability to disasters .
但是 他的 错误 却 开导 出 了 有效 的 真理 : 全部 的 人 都 有 一些 渴求 , 而 历史 是 敞开 的 。
But his mistakes illuminate useful truths : that all people share certain aspirations and that history is wide open .

A: Inspire; if someone inspires you it means you look up to them. The person hasn't done anything directly to you, for example you may be inspired by someone you have never met or a celebrity for example "I am inspired by that person because they are so hardworking"

Encourage: if someone encourages you it means that they have spoken to you and now you want to do something, for example "he encouraged me to apply for the job"

Motivate: it is similar to encourage in that someone has done an action and now you want to do something, but this may not be speaking to you like it is with 'encourage' for example "I saw my friend studying hard and it has motivated me to study hard too"

Hope this makes sense